Michael stops his wedding to Janine

'EastEnders's Michael Moon is to stop his wedding ceremony with Janine Butcher in a shock plot twist.

The latest storyline on the BBC One soap sees evil groom Michael stop his nuptials midway and issue pregnant Janine with an ultimatum either she rips up her pre-nup, or he won't marry her.

Charlie, 31, said: ''What happens is so exciting. This wedding has all the elements you could possibly want!

''All I can say is that Janine will do everything in her power to make the marriage go ahead, because she's finally met her match in Michael.''

Meanwhile, malicious Michael confesses to ex-flame Kat Slater that he worries he won't be able to love his and Janine's unborn child.

Steve, 38, explained: ''He's really worried he can't love their baby daughter because he knows how flawed and scarred he is... Michael knows how emotionally useless he is.''

Janine's stress over the wedding and Michael's secretive behaviour then shockingly leads her to go into premature labour.

Charlie added to Inside Soap magazine: ''Janine is desperate to save face in front of everyone she knows, but also wants to marry Michael because she really loves him. They've spent lots of money on the wedding and it's this massive, classy event... and Janine is naturally nervous.''

Steve explained: ''Charlie was absolutely on fire when we were filming it, so I hope the viewers enjoy how it plays out.''


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