Shock marriage proposal in EastEnders

Daily Star Sunday reports that Jay Mitchell will propose to girlfriend Abi Branning when he learns she has won a scholarship to study in Costa Rica.

A source said: "Jay has been trying his best to hold it together ever since he saw his step-brother Ben killing Heather.

"And it's only been Abi and their relationship that has kept him from going over the edge.

"He's been able to be normal around her and live his life as best as he can, so the thought of her going off to study fills him with dread.

"He's happy for her because it's an amazing opportunity but he doesn't want to lose her."


Oli Lewington said…
Hi Lilly,

Do you have an email address I can contact you on about an Eastenders YouTube channel? Or could you get in touch with me through my website?


Anonymous said…
Eastenders don't split them up not fair :( :(
Anonymous said…
Drewhr dale oagroy Halerd bf hfsg fhv
Anonymous said…
i found it cute that he proposed to Abi but what will she say is what i am trying to find out

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