Spoilers for 25-29 June 2012

Monday 25 June 2012

After the traumatic events of her wedding Janine is struggling to hold it together..will Michael give her the support she needs?

Max feels sorry for the lonely Jay and asks him to help him on the car lot. But when Jay discovers that Max thinks Abi is better off without him, he seeks revenge.

Alice decides to move in with Derek, which infuriates Joey - making him determined to give Derek a taste of his own medicine. Is Joey more like his father than he’d care to admit?

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Janine needs Michael more than ever, but he is nowhere to be found.

After being fired from her job Lola is looking for revenge: when she sees Jay working at the car lot, an idea takes shape…

Kim’s attempts to bond with Sasha take a disastrous turn, causing another bump in the road for her relationship with Ray

No Episode On Thursday 28 June 2012

Friday 29 June 2012

Kat is stunned when Jean announces that Michael isn’t to blame for everything, but soon changes her mind when Jean explains why.

Alice begs Joey to give Derek a chance, but when he hears further horrendous tales about his father he ignores her pleas and decides to make his dad pay.

Lola is happy after a successful meeting with the social worker, but she soon learns that the truth will always out - and her world crashes down around her


Anonymous said…
When I read that Jamie Foreman was joining the cast, I thought, oh yeah, here we go...
His claim to fame seemed to be that he was from an infamous crime family.

Well, I was wrong b/c I love the way he portrays Derek Branning; he couldn't be better and I look forwards to his character being there.

I loved the Bianca character, Patsy Palmer IS Bianca, you have to love her, but she's taking a break, ( along with half the female cast), and Jamie Foreman is now my favourite character, along with Kim, she's so funny.

Well done Jamie and I hope your character stays (and gets decent story lines) for a long time to come.
Anonymous said…
Who the hell decided Kat would look better off as a vampire. She looks like goddam Norma Desmond (old Carol Burnett character). Look it up on Youtube..you'll see what I mean.
Anonymous said…
LOL she does look kind of, well shall we say overly made up? Like Norma Desmond, yeh.
I like her hair though, the way it was in '05 but not red.
A slapper all the way...
Anonymous said…
a definate slapper and tooo much makeup shez gettin olddd....

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