Spoilers for 9-13 July 2012

Monday 9 July 2012

Kat is determined to forget her mystery lover and hides her phone to save herself from temptation. But when she hears that an angry Alfie is looking for her she panics - and when she goes to retrieve her phone, it is missing...

Zainab is anxious about leaving her family for the weekend, but after reassurances from Masood she goes. Little does she know that Masood’s wayward brother AJ has just arrived on the Square - and it soon becomes clear why Zainab is not a fan.

Shirley’s day doesn’t start off well, but things look up when Andrew tells her he is no longer considered a suspect in Heather’s killing. Delighted, Shirley shares the news with Jay and Ben, announcing the police can now focus their search.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Things finally seem to be looking up for the Mitchells, as Ben, Jay and Shirley enjoy a rare day out together. Then Jay makes a shocking discovery and his world crashed down around him.

Kat continues to make every effort in her relationship with Alfie, even arranging time alone for them. But when the kids arrive home early she is disappointed - especially as Alfie doesn’t seem to be bothered. With her mystery man still pursuing her, will she succumb to his charms?

After getting on the wrong side of Derek Branning, AJ frantically tries to put things right - but Derek isn’t the only person who AJ has to worry about.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Jay struggles to cope with his grim discovery and makes a decision that could affect his life forever...but will someone prevent him from going through with it?

Kat feels torn between Alfie and the mystery man who is relentlessly pursuing her - but just as she makes a decision, Jean throws a spanner in the works.

There is an instant spark between AJ and Denise, but after one too many drinks, Denise ends up revealing a little too much about Masood and Zainab’s relationship.

Friday 13 July 2012

Phil is furious when he discovers the truth from Jay and Ben and points out that things could soon be over for them all.

Kim is put out when Ray arranges a lad’s night out, so Kat comes up with a plan to ensure that Ray stays on his best behaviour...but is she too close for Kim’s comfort?

Zainab and AJ appear to be building bridges, to Masood's relief - but it doesn’t take long for her to realise that leopards don't change their spots


Anonymous said…
On digital spy there's some stuff about janine and michael aswell as the kat storyline.

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