Tamwar to have 'bromance' with Fatboy

EastEnders Tamwar Masood is set to turn to Fatboy for support after his marriage breaks up with a 'bromance' developing between the pair.

Actor Himesh Patel, who plays Tamwar, told Inside Soap magazine that his character will be left heartbroken after Afia leaves him, saying she is not happy settling in Walford but that it will bring him and Fatboy, played by Ricky Norwood, closer together.

"I think Tam and Fatboy are set to have a lot more scenes together, which is great. Fatboy is good at cheering people up," Himesh said.

And while the 21-year-old admitted he was looking forward to working with Ricky more, he added that Tamwar won't get over his heartbreak that quickly.

"If I was Tamwar's friend, I'd be useless at helping him cope. We'd end up being depressed," he said.

"We're not going to see Tamwar smiling for a long while. But he still has his sense of humour, it often comes out when he's having the worst time. The writers have always written really good lines for Tamwar in that vein, so I've got that to look forward to."


Anonymous said…
Simply astounding; another pointless and hurried exit, this time for Afia.
There's been a few exits that clearly were expedited and left viewers going "Huh"?
Ryan, Ricky, Tanya's sister, now Afia. All I remember about their ridiculous exits is that either EE wanted them gone or they themselves wanted out...real fast.
Anonymous said…
Not to mention Mandy now too...

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