Ann Mitchell: 'Cora has a young following'

Ann Mitchell has revealed she's been surprised by the young fanbase her EastEnders character Cora Cross has picked up.

The actress joined EastEnders as the larger-than-life pensioner last year, and told Inside Soap the positive feedback means a lot to her.

"It's surprised me as well that Cora has quite a young following. That's very interesting because people seem to believe there's this great division between young and old people," Ann admitted.

"But youngsters respond to her because she's a tough mother and grandmother. They like their strong women too!"

Cora is currently embroiled in a dramatic storyline in which Tanya discovers her mum once had a daughter, Ava.

And veteran actress Ann said there are 'many twists and turns to follow'.

"The whole situation has pierced her thick skin," she added.


Anonymous said…
I like Cora,lets' say she's grown on me over the months.
As an "ASBO Grannie" she's shown she's tough, not afraid to speak her feelings; stubborn, but she's also shown some vulnerability and unsurety,which most can relate to.

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