Dani Harold speaks out for teen mums

EastEnders actress Dani Harold has said that she wants her screen alter ego Lola Pearce to fly the flag for teenage mums everywhere.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine the actress said that Lola is starting to face the realities of her situation.

"Teenage pregnancy is a big issue. I've got friends who've had babies quite young, so I've seen what they've been through and how hard it is," Dani said.

"Lola's been ignoring the fact she's pregnant up till now, but she's starting to get a bit nervous."

However the 20-year-old added that she wanted the character to be seen in a positive light in spite of her tender years.

"I want to make sure teenage mums out there don't feel it has been portrayed in a bad way," she said.

"Lola's strong and thinks she can do anything she wants. I hope she'll be a good mother to her baby."


Anonymous said…
do we know who the father is yet? is it ben?
hope she and jay get together, he did tell ben he wasn't a mitchell.
i like jay, and he and lola would be good parents.
Anonymous said…
It's not real. Just a soap.
London PR said…
Quite enjoying this storyline so far. Would be nice to see Lola turn her life around - might be inspiring for other teen mothers.
Anonymous said…
I agree, how depressing if Lola continues on scraping and scrounging, this time for her daughter as well as herself.
Teaching the child how to survive by guile alone would be not only predictably dull but would resign the character to negative plots.
Let her turn her life around, she has the potential to.

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