Spoilers for 23-25 July 2012

Monday 23 July 2012

It's Billy's big day as the Olympic torch arrives in Walford. Assured by Alfie that he will make it back in time, Billy agrees to play in the Queen Vic football match. But disaster strikes and the entire team are delayed on their journey home...

Meanwhile, Alfie is adamant that Kat should stay at home while the boys go to the football match - but will she play the dutiful wife when she has a mystery lover in the wings?

Will Billy make it to the torch relay in time? Everyone does their best to help him, but a number of obstacles threaten to destroy his dream...

Meanwhile, Lola awaits the start of the torch relay for Billy's big moment - but soon realises that this could be a big day for her as well.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lucy is pleased when Joey comes to her rescue, but Derek is livid to find out that he is a pawn in Joey's scam. Is Joey really helping Lucy, or is he only motivated to get revenge on his dad?

Meanwhile, tired and emotional, Janine is struggling to cope without Michael by her side. Whitney does her best to persuade Michael to return, but will he?

Elsewhere, Tanya gets excited when she overhears rumours that Cora has a new man in her life - but she ends up pushing things too far, leaving her relationship with her mother at breaking point.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Feeling guilty after her behaviour at dinner the night before, Tanya tries to make up with Cora. But in doing so, she stumbles across a shocking secret that her mother has kept from her all her life …

Meanwhile, Masood tries all day to find the right time to tell Zainab the exciting news he has just received - but a surprising decision from Tamwar threatens to throw his plans into disarray.


paula robinson said…
cant wait for these story lines has eastenders is my favorite soap on tv
paula robinson said…

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