Spoilers for 30 July - 2 August 2012

Monday 30 August 2012

Desperate to find out more about the sister she never knew she existed, Tanya grills Cora for information. But Cora shuts down, leaving Tanya devastated.

New mum Lola is feeling the strain as she pays for her recent offences with community service.

Masood is faced with a life-changing decision when Zainab discovers his secret dream, while Syed snaps under the strain of his collapsing business and news of Christian’s plan for Yasmin.

Lucy, Lauren and Whitney plan to do some volunteer work in exchange for gig tickets, but Lauren tries to bail out when she discovers that it will involve feeding the homeless.

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Lucy's day is heading for disaster as the cafe's boiler breaks, leading to chaos. Has Ian's absence finally got the better of her?

Alice is upset to find Anthony flirting with Kim. But she is soon beaming when she receives a bouquet of flowers from him and realises that they could have a future together.

Upset and emotional, Tanya enlists help to get answers from her mum about the sister she never knew existed. But will Max persuade Cora to face her haunted past?

Kim becomes wary of Ray when he lies about his whereabouts and receives anonymous calls on his mobile. Could his suspicious behaviour spell the end of their blossoming relationship?

After a long day of volunteering Lauren is shocked to see a familiar face amongst the homeless - all be it blackened and sporting a dirty, matted beard.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Lauren plucks up the courage to tell a sceptical Tanya and Max the truth about Ian’s disappearance - and where she has seen him. But their search proves fruitless when a young homeless girl takes them for a ride - and they start to wonder if they are wasting their time.

Fed up with the ongoing tension between Ben and Jay, Lola attempts to rekindle the boys' friendship. The pair agree to be civil, but only for her benefit, and Jay tells a devastated Ben that their friendship will never be the same again.

As the reality of full-time fatherhood hits him, Michael is left feeling lonely and isolated but is he prepared to have Janine home?

When Joey reveals Anthony's disaster with Alice, Derek swears to put an end to the relationship - but to what lengths will he go to?


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