Carly is coming back to EastEnders

Actress Kellie Shirley has been speaking about reprising her role as Carly Wicks in upcoming EastEnders episodes, saying that the character is "slightly older, wiser and independent".

Digital Spy reports that Shirley is expected to appear in two episodes in September, with her character's return said to be tied into the Heather Trott murder storyline.

The actress said of her return: "Having left EastEnders in 2008, it's flattering to be asked to return as Carly for this particular storyline.

"Carly is coming back slightly older, wiser and independent, although she still needs and loves her mum (Shirley Carter, played by Linda Henry). The Shirley/Carly dynamic is fun to play and is as volatile as ever.

"I loved working with Linda, as well as Diane Parish (Denise Johnson) and Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) again."


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