Laurie hints at EastEnders return

EastEnders star Laurie Brett has not ruled out returning to the soap.

The actress left the show in January after seven years playing Jane Beale, wife of Ian, and has just joined BBC school drama Waterloo Road playing alcoholic Christine Mulgrew.

But Laurie told The Sun: "It was a huge thing, leaving EastEnders and all the people that I'd been working with for eight years. It was a very scary time.

"Jane and Ian Beale had kind of gone round in circles, but the door has always been left open."

Her Waterloo Road character Christine will be very different to Jane Beale.

Laurie revealed: "Essentially, Christine is a very sad, lonely woman inside.

"There's a huge reason why she is the way she is, but that comes out after Christmas and New Year."


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