Letitia: 'You need old AND new blood'

EastEnders star Letitia Dean has defended soap bosses' decision to bring her character Sharon Rickman back to Albert Square.

Sharon makes a dramatic return to Walford tonight after six years away from the soap, but some critics have said the comeback indicates EastEnders' is running out of new ideas.

Letitia, 44, told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat: "I think with any sort of ongoing drama like EastEnders you need old blood, new blood, it just needs a balance."

Steve McFadden, who plays Sharon's ex Phil Mitchell, added: "You know I went and came back. And I know that when me, Ross and Barbara came back it sort of invigorated the show.

"What Letitia is doing is bringing back some history and you can't buy that. It takes years to build that up."

Sharon returns to Albert Square on August 13 in desperate need of Phil's help as she is on the run from an angry, jilted fiance.

Letitia said: "She's about to get married and realises last minute it's the wrong thing to do. She needs Phil, who's always helped her out of a crisis, so that's where she heads."

Letitia first joined the soap in 1985 and this will be her third stint in Walford.


Anonymous said…
Nice to see Sharon again.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad Sharon is back. It could make for some intersting storylines soon! Plus it brings back old memories.
Sophie said…
its not like she's even been gone that long since her last viewing.... they bring people back from long before then like Mandy... i dont see what the issue is.

Anonymous said…
I like sharon
Anonymous said…
does anyone else think sharon will turn out to be the daughter cora said had died? tanya's sister? we already know about cora having another daughter, then sharon who was adopted turn up all of a sudden back in the square and of course she and tanya are like total opposites, too much so to become just friends.
Anonymous said…
I can't say I like Sharon.

Another blunt,bosomy blonde with attitude who spends her spare time looking for trouble with her "baby" -- geesh get a life girl; poor Denny.

And poor Jack too, he should get out of the Square a bit more instead of waiting for the Square to come to him.

I hope Sharon does turn out to be Cora's, having Cora as her mum, ( which is good casting) would make for a decent storyline.
Anonymous said…
Why is Sharon so uptight is it b/c she's an older mother and not really sure of herself although she tries to act like she is.
I don't like the way she flashes her eyes whenever someone says something she doesn't like regarding little boy.
It was ok to see her again, but when is she leaving Walford?

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