Spoilers for 13-17 August 2012

Monday 13 August 2012

A face from the past returns to Albert Square. Sharon is back, but she's in a spot of bother and is in desperate need of some help.

Meanwhile, with Ian under the same roof as Ben, tensions are running high in the Mitchell household. Desperate to stop the truth emerging, Phil insists that Ben and Jay should not let Ian out of their sight. However, their plan starts to fall apart when Ian opens up to Jean.

When Ben rushes home and tells Phil his fears, he contemplates going to the police before they come for him. But when they hear someone banging on the front door, they wonder if they have a choice.


Sharon begs Phil to help her get to her son Dennis. Keen to be Sharon's knight in shining armour and despite Shirley's protests, Phil agrees - and they speed off from Albert Square for a showdown.

Trying to take her mind off Phil leaving his engagement party to rescue his old flame, Shirley ends up talking to Denise - but she makes a horrifying discovery which could finally lead her to Heather's killer...

Elsewhere, Janine grows anxious as Kat's words haunt her. Will she be able to push her insecurities aside for the sake of her marriage?

Tuesday 14 August 2012

It is a race against time for Phil and Sharon as they head off in search of Dennis. After an angry confrontation, Sharon thinks her nightmare may finally be coming to an end - but little does Phil know that his is only just about to start...

Meanwhile, Shirley is horrified by her discovery and desperate to find out the truth. As she pieces together the evidence, it all points to one suspect…

Elsewhere, desperate to give Ian something to remain hopeful for, Max begs Lucy to talk to him. Lucy categorically refuses, but not wanting to hurt Ian, Max tells a white lie that makes things worse.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Shirley tells a shocked Ben everything she knows. In desperation, he lets slip a vital piece of information.

Meanwhile, Phil - who has no choice but to help Ian - has no idea that everything is falling apart at home. Pleading for Ian to not reveal the truth about Ben, Phil thinks it may be a good idea for him to see Sharon - but what will she make of the state Ian is in?

Thursday 16 August 2012

The ramifications of Shirley's discovery threaten to destroy the Mitchells forever. With her worst nightmare coming true, Shirley has to make a decision which will have huge consequences for them all…

Meanwhile, Sharon attempts to build bridges between Ian and his family. However, Lucy - worried about her and Bobby's financial security - gives Ian an ultimatum.

Friday 17 August 2012

Phil tries desperately to keep his family from falling apart - and has a glimmer of hope when, for once, a past Mitchell crime plays in his favour.

Meanwhile, Tanya is not impressed when she arrives home to find a blonde stranger wearing her clothes. But while she and Sharon have got off on the wrong foot, Sharon has caught the eye of another Branning - so will she succumb to his charms?

The future of the Mitchells rests solely on Shirley. Will she choose her family, or does she want justice for her best friend?

Meanwhile, as reality kicks in, Sharon realises that she has to find somewhere to stay - but just as she is about to head to the B&B, she is offered a roof over her head by one of Walford's sexiest men...

Elsewhere, Ian struggles to get used to the changes that have taken place within his family. Although he feels that Lucy is letting him back in, she sticks to her ultimatum for the sake of her and Bobby.


Anonymous said…
is abi due home this week?
Anonymous said…
is abi due home this week?
Anonymous said…
Jay, Ben and Phil are in trouble. :/ Uh-Oh.

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