Spoilers for 3-7 September 2012

Monday 3 September 2012

Kat struggles with her growing feelings for her lover, but before she can think about what to do, Alfie announces that The Vic has an infestation.

Forced to spend time away from Alfie, Kat tries to resist her lover's charms - but can she?

Meanwhile, Ian is finally starting to feel like part of the family again, but a setback makes him realise he may not be as ready to go back to his normal routine as he first thought.

Elsewhere, it's the first day of school for Oscar and Dennis. While Tanya and Sharon try to make sure the boys make a good first impression, they fail to listen to their own advice as they throw insults at each other.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Shirley continues on a downward spiral, but despite Phil's determination to get her back, she is convinced that his only concern is for her to not reveal his secret.

Later, when Shirley finds herself in a dangerous situation, will anyone be there to help her?

Meanwhile, Kat panics when she realises she has left a piece of evidence that could reveal her affair, but will Alfie find it before she can retrieve it?

Elsewhere, Ian is determined to prove to himself and his family that they can rely on him. However, when the pressure starts to mount, he finds help from an unlikely neighbour.

Thursday 6 September 2012

A drunken Shirley is shocked when a familiar face arrives in Walford, but will she get the help she so desperately needs?

Meanwhile, Michael's strange behaviour sends Janine's paranoia into overdrive - especially when she discovers a cheque stub for £20,000. What is he up to?

Elsewhere, Jack hatches an idea to spend more time with Sharon, but his plan backfires as he receives a telling off when he over-steps the mark.

Friday 7 September 2012

Shirley battles with her demons as a face from the past forces her to rethink whether she can forgive and forget whilst living in Walford.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Jack frantically search the Square when Dennis disappears, and are grateful when help arrives from an unexpected place.

Elsewhere, Kat decides to make a fresh start for her and her family, but will it turn out to be as easy as she had hoped?


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