Steve McFadden 'excited' by Sharon's return

EastEnders star Steve McFadden has revealed his excitement at being reunited with Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts returned to Albert Square.

Viewers will see the pair back together again on August 13, in the first of seven epsiodes spread over five days, as Sharon seeks Phil's help when her son is kidnapped.

And Steve said that it took just seconds to get back into the old on-set routine with Letitia, saying the actress "hasn't changed at all".

"I'd heard rumours and I was really excited because we've got so much history," he said, "and I knew Linda Henry (Shirley Carter) was going to have a bit of time out so there was a bit of a crossover and you know you're going to work with someone else.

"Obviously because I've worked with her before I knew what I was going to get so I was excited.

"Letitia is quite a contradiction," Steve added. "She's quite grand and down to earth at the same time. She's very showbiz, but she's very straight at the same time so she's a lot of fun."

Meanwhile the actress admitted that the character still had "chemistry" with Phil - but said there would be no rekindling of their romance - and she would also resist the charms of Jack Branning.

"He's funny, he does stuff that makes her laugh, and I think he feels for her a little bit," Letitia said.

"She really doesn't have anywhere to go. She's at a vulnerable point and it's a case of someone being kind to her. But Sharon's certainly not looking for a relationship - her son's a priority, and getting a job, probably."


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