EastEnders set for bizarre love story

EastEnders fans have been told that Lauren Branning will be at the centre of a controversial autumn storyline in the soap.

Daily Star Sunday reports that Lauren will fall for her cousin Joey.

A source told the paper: "This is going to be a huge storyline across the autumn.

"Lauren hits the booze and shows her vulnerable side to Joey. He's there for her and feels very protective.

"The more time they spend together the more they start to realise their feelings for each other are not just that of cousins.

"It's a powerful force and the attraction is so strong between them that it's going to take something huge to stop them jumping into bed."


Anonymous said…
not that unusual a situation, lauren has denied joey's attractiveness from the start, but only because she thought it was wrong, how many times has she wished they weren't related.
Anonymous said…
This is when tanya reveals derek is laurens real father, and the 'huge thing' that will stop them sleeping together
Anonymous said…
ah, explains why, compared to the pale and gentle Abi and Oscar, Lauren is dark, moody and generally up for a spot of bother.
go derek, you're the best.
Anonymous said…
I think this us a great and clever topic to choose, i luv lauren, its good she's havin more storylines. Everyone is saying Derek is gonna be lauren's dad, im not sure whether i should believe them, i need proof!!!

I hope its true tho, wuld make great storyline!!!!
Anonymous said…
Anyone remember the series "Family" from '03?
Jo Joyner and Jamie Foreman 'in flagrante' ( on acreen,of course)? Other than that, can't picture those two together.
But agreed, it would make for a very involved and emotionally charged storyline.
Anonymous said…
And remember it would have been 18 years ago so picture a young teenage tanya and a much younger derek.
Anonymous said…
Yeah that would be a bit of a nicer image.
I like that story line, but then, I like Derek.
It would be good because it would impact on many lives; those Branning 'Boys'...loving it.

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