Gary Lucy: It's 'instant' between Syed and Danny

EastEnders newcomer Gary Lucy has revealed that his alter-ego is set to cause trouble in the Square.

City banker Danny Pennant arrives on screens soon as a 'really nice guy', Gary told Inside Soap magazine.

But when he meets gay character Syed, who is already engaged to Christian, there's an 'instant attraction between them'.

The former Hollyoaks heartthrob said: "Syed doesn't tell him straight away that he has a fiance - I think that if he had, Danny would have left it there.

"He doesn't set out to cause trouble between them, but he's going to spend quite a lot of time doing just that!"

Gary said his new co-stars had been 'very welcoming and sweet' on set.

Marc Elliott (Syed) and John Partridge (Christian) are reported to be leaving EastEnders later this year.


Anonymous said…
...So it sounds as if Syed and Christian don't ride happily off into the sunset together; less chance of a possible return for the couple then?
Anonymous said…
EE can't have a happy departure! It's just not on!
Anonymous said…
You're right, EE has happy arrivals but if you don't leave feet first, you leave 'forever' in the back of a black cab.

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