Kellie: 'I almost blew the Square up!'

EastEnders actress Kellie Shirley has revealed she made an explosive return to the soap.

The star, who reprises her role as Shirley Carter's daughter Carly Wicks this week, comes back to Albert Square on a pick-up truck.

But Kellie told The Sun: "The square is tiny so it's not easy to manoeuvre a great big truck around it, especially when you are as small as I am.

"I put on Carly's 5in heels and got in the truck, but as I started the engine and tried to drive in the heels I couldn't control it and ran over a load of electrical wires and almost blew the Square up."

She added: "We had to shoot the scene again, but they were so nervous about letting me back in the driving seat, they had to get a double to do it instead... I think everyone on set was quite relieved for their own safety after I got out."

Carly - who left four years ago to go travelling in Australia - returns to Walford with a baby after Phil Mitchell asks her to come and help her mum. Shirley has hit the bottle after the murder of her friend Heather Trott.

"I get a 'duff duff' music ending, so it was brilliant," said Kellie.

"I loved being back, even if it was only for a short while. The door is open so, who knows."


Anonymous said…
*somebody* wasn't thinking letting a small actress drive an unfamiliar pick-up truck in a tight area wearing, what was it? 5" high heels??
don't they have drivers for that?

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