Sharma 'starstruck' by Albert Square

EastEnders newcomer Phaldut Sharma has confessed that his first scene on Albert Square was "very surreal".

The actor joined the soap in July as mechanic AJ Masood, and despite already knowing the actors who play his on-screen family, Phaldut was taken aback.

He told the EastEnders website: "It was very weird, I walked straight onto the set and I had a scene with Nitin Ganatra (Masood Ahmed), and I was like 'Oh it's Albert Square and there's the Queen Vic...' and then it was 'Action!' and I was just off into the scene.

"I was talking to Nitin, on the outside really, looking in on the whole situation and he was saying words at me and I was saying words back at him and I was thinking, 'This is really surreal!' and then they went 'Cut' and I was like, 'I don't know what that was like!.'"

Phaldut added: "I knew Nitin and Nina Wadia (Zainab) for years, we've done shows together and pilots and short films, so actually, jumping into set with those guys was cool because obviously you just know them, you can start slapping people and messing them up a little bit and getting playful with them because they know me. So I do!

"And Marc Elliott (Syed) I know as well, so that was really lovely coming into a family that I was already acquainted with and spent time with and bonded with."

Former dancer Phaldut said his character was "a bit of a puppy dog", adding: "He's fun to have around but also a bit of a nuisance."


Anonymous said…
I like this character but the writers need to tone him down a bit...he comes off as mildly retarded or a crack addict. I like the chemistry between him and the rest of the Ahmed family.
Anonymous said…
I like him too, but he does come off as kind of odd.
Did I miss something but how comes Z has done a 360 in her now rather ridiculous support of Christian and Syed?
Is it because when they leave Walford, it will now make an impact on her, otherwise, she would care less.

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