Steve wishes Michael was Kat's lover

EastEnders star Steve John Shepherd says he wishes Michael Moon had turned out to be Kat Moon's secret lover.

Viewers have been intrigued to find out who Kat is cheating on husband Alfie with - gangster Derek Branning, his younger brothers Max and Jack, her former fling Michael (played by Steve) or Queen Vic chef Ray, played by Chucky Venn. But Michael and Ray have now been ruled out.

Steve told Inside Soap magazine: "Michael has some nice chemistry with Kat, so I think he would have been very keen.

"The writers have been very clever in placing lots of little hints to insinuate that it could be Michael, and from what I understand the audience has been left quite flummoxed!

"I think the opportunity for Michael and Kat to team up has always been there, from the moment he arrived."

Meanwhile, Michael is having a bad time as wife Janine Butcher has left him and old flame Roxy Mitchell has been making advances again.

Michael appeared to be truly in love with Janine, but Steve warns the bad boy is not so easy to read.

He said: "Things with Michael are never that cut and dried are they?

"He's always playing the long game, so a lot of the little seeds that he plants come to fruition later on down the line. That's why he's so difficult to gauge, I think - he's away got some dreadful ulterior motive behind his actions."


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