Bianca and Carol to return to Albert Square?

EastEnders stars Patsy Palmer and Lindsey Coulson are set to liven up Walford this Christmas, with rumors that they are both returning to the BBC One soap.

Patsy and Lindsey were spotted on set this week following a six-month break, reported The Sun.

"The cast and crew are excited that the Jackson family are due to return and their storylines are as colourful as ever.

"Bosses are hoping the return of Bianca and Carol will prove a big draw for viewers over Christmas," a TV insider said.

Patsy, who took a hiatus to focus on being a mum to her four children, was last seen in Albert Square in April, as her mouthy alter-ego was sent back to prison after stealing a money belt from a market stall.

Carol took her grandchildren to live in the country so they could be closer to their mum while she served her sentence.

The pair's Albert Square reunion will be shown on screens in November, and they are expected to play a part in the Christmas storyline as Bianca's uncle Max Branning marries ex-wife Tanya for the second time.

The source added: "Bianca's thrilled she's got out of prison in time for Christmas to be reunited with her kids and her mum.

"She also makes it to her uncle's wedding and along with the kids, has a heavy screen presence over the festive period."


Anonymous said…
Yes, finally.
I've really missed Bianca, Carol too. Walford isn't Walford with out Bianca.
Anonymous said…
Agree...the show is dismal right now. How many times are they going to show Michael not being able to cope with a baby? It's gone behond riduculous. Move on. And end the equally ridiculous Kat/affair crap already.
Anonymous said…
this is true; this Kat thing has gone on all too long, i mean, how interested do they at EE think the viewing public is in all this so-called 'suspense'?
michael too, he's not being shown lately as a total monster so why the heck can't he cope with a baby? i mean c'mon....
what tires me is the way it's so Obvious that story lines are all too often written around an actors preference for 'time off', with the reasons for departure not thought out, and it shows!

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