EastEnder Phil up to his old tricks

EastEnders fans have been told that Phil Mitchell will continue his old ways of duplicity and deception as part of a major new storyline on the soap.

Determined to get baby Lexi back to Albert Square, Phil puts pressure on her mother Lola Pearce to sign a consent form which would allow him to care for the infant.

Despite refusing initially, Lola gives in, thinking it is the only option she has.

When Phil's solicitor explains that his case would be stronger if he was in a relationship, he turns to old flame Sharon Rickman for help.

Sharon refuses to become involved in the sham relationship; however Phil refuses to abandon his latest scheme.


Anonymous said…
Yes, "Phil up to his old tricks" and "will continue his old ways" with the emphasis squarely on the word "old".
His tactics are getting "old" thank goodness Sharon doesn't want to be in a sham relationship, that would be just too much.

Phil caring for Lola's infant? Just b/c we saw how much he enjoyed being with Denny, and showing again what a louny example he sets as a father?

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