EastEnders family 'could be torn apart'

EastEnders fans have been told that a controversial new storyline on the soap could tear an Albert Square family apart.

There is a sexual attraction between cousins Joey and Lauren Branning and viewers will see their relationship develop in the coming weeks.

Actor Witts told Soaplife: "Joey's feelings for Lauren are so strong he can't ignore them any more."

In the storyline, Joey's uncle, Lauren's father Max, will invite him to come and live in their house because he has nowhere else to stay.

Asked how Joey would cope, 

Witts replied: "It's going to be excruciating! Let's just say there'll be a lot of sexual tension."

Of the impact of the storyline on the rest of the Branning family, 

the actor said: "It could tear the family apart... Lauren and Joey both know that so they're being really careful about how they behave together when they're in public."


Dave said…
Is this today's episode of EastEnders? I think I missed a few.

Carla said…
No, tomorrow's. Don't worry, you haven't missed much!
Anonymous said…
thanks for share..

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