End of the line for EastEnders rogue?

It is reported that an EastEnders rogue will beg for mercy from a gang of assailants in an upcoming episode of the soap.

The Daily Mail reports that actor Jamie Foreman, who plays Derek Branning, has filmed scenes in which his character's silver Audi is chased by a BMW 5 Series.

When he is run off the road, Derek abandons his car and flees on foot.

However, the three men catch up with Derek, who begs them for mercy.

His plea goes unheeded, and Derek's loud screams can be heard as the camera pans away.


Anonymous said…
not a pleasant scenario at all..not at all...but then....

well it better NOT be the END of Derek Branning, (*maybe just a little holiday?)

I like 'im.
Anonymous said…
I hope they leave this character in the dirt...about 6 feet down. He's way past his sell by date. There's just so much staring black eyes you can put up with. I don't even watch him anymore..just ffwd.
Anonymous said…
oi still like 'im, 'es owd scuuul
Anonymous said…
I can't stand him either, I fast forward every time he appears on the eastenders
Anonymous said…
what is there not to like

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