Hetti Bywater Told Off for Crying

EastEnders' actress Hetti Bywater was told off by producers when she cried during a scene where it wasn't called for.

Hetti Bywater was told off by 'EastEnders' bosses for crying when it wasn't in the script.

The actress who plays Lucy Beale in the BBC soap shed tears while filming scenes where she reconciles with on-screen dad Ian Beale, and producers took her to one side to request she only did it when it was called for.

She said: "Adam is amazing. He can turn on the tears so quickly that I find it hard not to cry in scenes with him.

"In one scene I filmed recently I wasn't supposed to be crying and I just burst into tears. The team had a word with me about it but luckily it worked out OK.

"Another time Lucy was supposed to tell Ian to 'drop dead' during a fight and I started crying because I just didn't want to say the words to him."

Hetti who is the fourth actress to play the role of Lucy admits the character has a bitchy background, but the coming months will see her "softer side" revealed.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "Lucy has been really hard on Ian but in the next few months they really build up a relationship and you see a much softer side to her."


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