New lover for Fatboy

EastEnders fans are set to see one of the more unlikely romances in the soap in the coming weeks, as Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb finds someone new.

The Sun reports that Fatboy sees some youths harassing Denise Fox and intervenes.

He walks her home and they end up spending the night together.

The following morning, Denise is adamant it was a one-night stand, but during Christian and Syed's wedding the attraction between her and Fatboy is intense and they soon fall into each other's arms again.

The scenes are set to air the week after next.


Anonymous said…
Good stuff!! Finally something for Fatboy other than to be the villiage idiot!
Anonymous said…
yeah, i agree but.....why can't a fit and fine young guy like Fat Boy find someone his own age? Geez.
Anonymous said…
how old is denise meant to be? Fat Boy? just asking.

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