Spoilers for 12-15 November 2012

Monday 12 November 2012

Tanya is concerned by her mother’s distant behaviour and presumes it must be something to do with Rainie. However, Patrick finally gets Cora to talk but he is stunned when she admits the truth.

Christian is heartbroken as he is forced to say goodbye to someone he loves and, feeling more alone than ever, he makes a life changing decision.

The Branning brothers enjoy a night at The Vic but tensions soon rise when they start talking about each other’s love lives…

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Stunned by Cora’s revelation, Patrick tries his best to get Cora to open up but things don’t go to plan, leaving Cora’s day to go from bad to worse.

Thinking he is doing the best for his brother, Max tracks down a face from the past but the meeting doesn’t go the way he had hoped.

Syed is hopeful that he and Christian can put the past behind them until Masood delivers some news he wasn’t expecting.

Thursday 15 November 2012 

Billy tries to make Alexa see sense and drop the case against Lola, but his attempts backfire, leaving Lola to worry that he may have jeopardised her case.

With neither Syed nor Christian willing to resolves things between them, Zainab and Lucy take matters into their own hands, but will they get the result they are hoping for?

Tanya worries about her mother’s erratic behaviour, but as she delves deeper into the root of the problem, she is stunned by what she discovers.

No episode on Friday due to Children In Need.


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