Spoilers for 15-19 October 2012

Monday 15  October 2012

It’s the day of Christian and Syed’s stag do, but while Christian is looking forward to it, Syed’s mind is on the dire situation he has got himself into, and things only get worse when Danny reappears.

During the celebrations, a lady in red catches Fatboy’s eye but he is stunned when she turns around and he realises they are already acquainted.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Still struggling under the strain of the mess he has got himself into, Syed tries to run away, but Christian puts a stop to his plans. Syed finally admits the truth to Christian about the mess he has got the family into, but he fails to admit one vital part of the story. It’s not long before someone reveals the truth to Christian, which puts their civil partnership in jeopardy.

Fatboy wakes up with a smile on his face, but it soon fades when he is told that his night of passion can never happen again.

Thursday 18 October 2012

The Masoods' world is plunged into darkness as they realise the full extent of their financial problems. 

Masood desperately tries to get the bottom of what has happened but will the truth come to light?

Friday 19 October 2012

Zainab and Masood's relationship is pushed to breaking point as the truth emerges. Will they be able to salvage their relationship and business, or is this the end for them?

Meanwhile, Fatboy is over the moon and cannot believe his luck after spending another saucy afternoon in bed.


Anonymous said…
Take the whole Masood clan and move them out already. Rehashed old crap. There's nothing left for them anymore...except Zainab becoming pregnant again..that would add to their woes...
Anonymous said…
Never mind that alleykat,finally! Fatboy gets some action, EE style. He's so fit, was beginning to wonder.
Anonymous said…
...and if rumours are right,the question is, maybe it's time to move away from Walford, F.B.

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