EastEnders hard man shows soft side

EastEnders fans have been told that they will see a different side to Albert Square bad guy Derek Branning once again in the coming weeks.

Bianca Butcher returns to Walford after serving out her prison sentence and while daily life continues to be a struggle, Uncle Derek helps her out.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Palmer said of Bianca's return: "Derek helps her because he's been in prison - she gets on with him, she's probably one of the few people who does!"

She continued: "I think it's nice that Bianca's chosen to get on with Derek. Carol's (Bianca's mother, played by Lindsey Coulson) got a bond with Derek even though it might not be the greatest, but they still are quite close.

"And I think that Carol probably wouldn't want her to know what went on in their past. It's all a bit twisted and secret.

"I love the stuff I've had to do with Jamie Foreman. I only wish that we'd had more of it."


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