Foreman tells of EastEnders frustrations

With his character Derek Branning set to be written out of EastEnders at Christmas, actor Jamie Foreman has discussed what he found frustrating during his time on the BBC soap.

When asked by The Sun about Derek's relationship with son Joey and whether he wished they could reconcile, Foreman replied: "I just hate having to play the same scene over and over again. After about four months of playing the same thing, it's very difficult for actors to do. Easy to write but very difficult to play. You're like: 'not again'.

"I love things that develop and delve and dig and peel the layers of the onion off, so sometimes that becomes a little bit frustrating."

While describing his EastEnders' experience as "great", Foreman said he would have liked to have seen a softer side to his character in the scripts, especially given his relationship with screen daughter Alice.

"When I came into the show, I didn't want to play a stereotypical bad guy," he said. "I wanted to move Derek around and Alice's character gave me the opportunity to explore that other side and get his family back together, and for him to find a bit of happiness and peace in his life.

"That's what we discussed at the beginning but it never panned out that way. But Alice shows the teddy bear in Derek."


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