Kat Moon to reveal lover at Christmas

EastEnders vixen Kat Moon is set to reveal the identity of her secret lover during the Christmas period to a packed Queen Vic.

In the middle of a packed Queen Vic pub the cheating brunette will scream: “You’ve got the WRONG BROTHER!” after her husband Alfie goes for one of the Branning brothers. 

The showdown comes after millions of soap fans across the country have spent months wondering who Kat enjoyed passionate romps with over the summer in one of the biggest plots of the year.

The climax will remind fans of Kat’s famous showdown with daughter Zoe Slater when the youngster screamed: “You can’t tell me what to do, you ain’t my muvva!”

After a pause, Kat yelled the truth: “Yes I am!”

An EastEnders insider told the Daily Star Sunday: 

“It’s the question that has been on everyone’s lips for months who is Kat’s secret lover?

“The big revelation was always going to be in the Queen Vic in front of everyone and it will not disappoint.

“Jessie and Shane are both brilliant and this is one episode viewers will not want to miss.

“Everyone has been saying how similar it is to Kat and Zoe.

“Alfie goes for one of the Branning brothers as he is convinced it’s him who’s been sleeping with his wife. Kat storms through the pub as he’s got him on the floor and reveals the truth.

“We all got goosebumps as she yelled the line, ‘You’ve got the wrong brother’ and the comparisons were, of course, made to her showdown with Zoe. It really is classic ’Enders.”

The identity of Kat’s secret lover was whittled down to the three Branning brothers Dirty Derek, serial love rat Max and Albert Square’s resident hunk Jack after fellow suspects Michael Moon and Ray Dixon were both ruled out.

In emotional scenes screened earlier this autumn, Kat admitted cheating on Alfie but told her husband he did not know her lover.

But, as they’ve been rebuilding their relationship, Alfie will finally discover the truth and he’s devastated.

The insider added: “Alfie thinks he’s worked out which Branning it is but he goes for the wrong one.

“So it is down to Kat to reveal the truth.

“Sadly it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to get over this one.”


Anonymous said…
By that time nobody's going to give a shite. What a long and boring drawn out load of crap.
Anonymous said…
Have to agree. Who gives a fuck?
In the States we're 6 weeks behind and I'm done waiting. I think it should have been Fat Boy. Much less predictable.
Anonymous said…
Lol at fatboy
Anonymous said…
Ino they're making this toooo long now. I just wanna hurry up and know
Anonymous said…
I love shoving big hard carrots in my ass hole while watching East enters, and feels like heaveby
Anonymous said…
Maybe its carol jackson, the other ''branning'' brother Lol
Anonymous said…
If they didn't tell us it was one of the 3 Branning bros then maybe it would be a surprise but it's been too long now and when it's revealed no one will care. I presume Alfie starts blaming Jack and Kat tells him it's Derek then Derek dies..woop de doo! Whichever way it goes, no one really cares about this affair enough to have it dragged on as long as they have. If different characters were involved maybe..

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