Spoilers for 26-30 November - 2012

Monday 26 November 2012

Joey manages to free himself from the wreckage, but as he desperately tries to wake Lauren, his fear turns to panic as flames appear from beneath the bonnet…

Meanwhile, encouraged by Max, Tanya tries to make amends with her mother. However, she is shocked when Cora lashes out.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Knowing Tanya knows the full truth about the accident, Derek gives her an ultimatum. Will Tanya go along with it to protect her daughter?

Meanwhile, preoccupied with his plans to decorate the Square for Christmas, Alfie fails to notice Kat's growing anxiety as her mystery lover continues to pursue her - but will she give into his charms?

Elsewhere, Bianca is determined to get her life back on track by finding a new job, but being back in Walford is proving harder than she imagined.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Kat's secret lover continues to pursue her, and he makes it clear that he isn't going to give up on her despite Kat making it clear she is not interested.

Meanwhile, Lauren is desperate to do whatever she has to in order to fix everything, but Tanya panics that her telling the truth could have devastating consequences.

Elsewhere, Bianca nervously starts the first day of her job trial, but is she really ready to make a fresh start in Walford?

Friday 30 November 2012

With her lover arranging for Alfie to go away for a few days, Kat worries that alone she may not be able to resist him.

Meanwhile, with Jay's hearing coming up, Abi decides to show Jay how much she loves him.

Elsewhere, Lauren discovers that Tanya actually knows where Joey is staying and goes to find him, only to learn that this isn't the only secret that her mum has been keeping from her.


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