Double proposal for Sharon

Soap star Letitia Dean has revealed that her character Sharon Rickman will have to choose between love rivals Phil Mitchell and Jack Branning when they both pop the question over the festive season.

After vowing to Jack that he would steal Sharon away from him, Phil is the first to pop the question on New Year's Day.

But Jack is hot on his heels and soon proposes to Sharon too, leaving her wondering which man, if any, she wants to marry.

Speaking of the shock proposal, Dean told the Radio Times: "It's a duff-duff moment - she is absolutely stunned and completely speechless. I can't say whether she says yes or not. You'll have to wait and see. Will she say yes to either of them?"

The actress continued: "Sharon has always had a great fondness for Phil and he has always been there for her. She is very comfortable around him and they have a lot of history between them. She has never wondered about whether she loves him as marrying him is not something that has ever crossed her mind until now".

"Jack she's liked from the moment she met him. He is a lovely man and a great dad to Amy. He is kind, generous and very loving. They get on extremely well and have a lot of fun together. Their relationship is still really new and fresh."


Anonymous said…
Oh who cares..this character should just leave..Yes I will help I won't..ok I will..wait a minute,I can't possibly. Oh. what the hell..I will then. Now Shirley is back with her new 'do' looking all grim and sour faced..what is the point of her anymore? Or Bianca? Again with the mouth and 'we'll sort it'. A new batch of writers is needed badly.
Anonymous said…
Aye middle class writers writing for a working class cast that are out of touch i mean take lola she hasn't really done much wrong to loose her child i mean in real life there is alcoholics and drug addicts neglecting their kids that don't loose them as quick as Lola lost lexi
Anonymous said…
LOVE Sharon and I hope she says Yes to Phil.
Anonymous said…
Well it's good if Sharon gets back with Philip just like old times....doubt it will last long though
Anonymous said…
She's better off with jack
Anonymous said…
So glad Sharon came back! EE needs to see more past characters. Hope she stays and NOT say yes to Phil!

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