EastEnders Alice hints at Masood romance

EastEnders star Jasmyn Banks has admitted that she wants her character Alice Branning to have a romance with Tamwar Masood.

Speaking to Take It Easy, Jasmyn insisted that she knows exactly who her character should date, saying: "I know exactly who, Tamwar. Alice and Tamwar all the way! I keep talking about this because I want it to happen. They'd be really good together and sweet.

"I get on with Himesh Patel, who plays him, really well. He's great."

Speaking about the Eastenders Christmas episode, Jasmyn said: "I feel really privileged - it was great for me to be part of such a significant story. It really hit me when we were filming the Christmas scenes. It's so exciting. I'm really looking forward to watching it myself."

She added: "It's high drama, so they will be shocked and appalled at the same time. I think they'll [viewers] be satisfied!"


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