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Spoliers for 18-22 Feb 2013

Spoilers for 11-15 Feb 2013

Woodyatt: breakdown last year was hardest work

David Witts: 'It's been mad!'.

EastEnders character is to propose

Kat and Michael reunite

EastEnders to introduce new family

Spoilers for 4-8 February 2013

Wadia: I wanted to be killed off

David Witts uncomfortable as sex symbol

Dot shocked on EastEnders return

Wareing: Albert Square is surreal

EastEnders newcomer turns seductress

Spoilers for 28 January - 1 February 2013

Max kisses Kirsty again

New love for Lola?

Venn: I wish I had been Kat's lover

Max to get passionate with Kirsty

Lorraine Newman: 'Kat will emerge stronger'

Spoilers for 21-25 January 2013