Lorraine Newman: 'Kat will emerge stronger'

EastEnders' Kat Moon will have an enlightening 2013, the soap's executive producer Lorraine Newman has revealed.

The feisty Queen Vic barmaid, played by Jessie Wallace, had a rude awakening when she split with long-term partner Alfie Moon after her affair with Derek Branning ,and the show's boss has hinted that Kat will learn to embrace singledom for a while.

"Kat needs a little bit of time to find herself again. I personally think that she's become quite damaged and somewhat lost over the past few years. The cycle that she and Alfie got into became quite painful to watch," she told EastEnders' official website.

"We adore Alfie but, more importantly, I think Kat should be allowed to move on too from her history of sexual abuse."

Lorraine continued: "So, over the next 12 months, we'll take Kat on a journey where she's forced to confront her demons and hopefully come out the other side a stronger person. Her past will always remain with her, but I hope that it stops her from continually making the same tortuous mistakes and allows her to find some happiness and peace for herself."

The producer also hinted that Alfie will take his new romance with Roxy Mitchell seriously.

"I want him to be happy! I love having him in the pub, he's such a breath of fresh air in there, and now he's started a tentative relationship with Roxy. Inevitably she will have huge wobbles as to whether he is on the rebound and he will have to prove to her otherwise," she added.


Anonymous said…
Lorraine Newman is right about Kat 'n Alfie and their cycle of deceit and forgiveness being "painful to watch"
Indeed it was becoming more so every week.

Should think Jessie Wallace herself is glad to be able to reveal another facet to her Kat character...finally, finally...this latest cheating game had become more than boring, and led to the Derek character's untimely demise.

Don't like Roxy, never did, very shallow character with predictable dialogue and facial expressions... she's just a temporary fix for Alfie.

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