Spoilers for 11-15 Feb 2013

Monday 11 Feb 2013

The pressure is on for Bianca as she attempts to juggle her family, her first trading day on the market and the parole officer's vist.

Meanwhile Masood tries to get Tamwar to fulfil his dream and go to university, but is put out when Masood suggest he applies for the assistant job on the market.

Elsewhere, Kirsty asks Roxy for job back in the vic, and she finds herself seeking advice from a friendly resident.

Tuesday 12 Feb 2013

A phone call from Liam's school angers Bianca, and when things take a turn for the worst, she wonders how her family will ever recover.

Meanwhile, Sharon warns Joey to raise his game when he seems to be spenting more time flirting rather then on the work she paying him to do.

Elsewhere, a fed Patrick tries to prove himself. However, Kim is horrified at how events unfold.

Thursday 14 Feb 2013 

Alarm bells ring for Bianca, who has to act quickly when she discovers the stock she is selling with Kat is stolen. Could things get any worst for her?

Meanwhile, in order to spent more time with Sharon, Jack joins her behind the bar for Valentine's night - and Alfie gets it in the ear from Roxy, whose jealousy starts to eat away at her.

Eleswhere, Jay arrives with a romantic surprise for Abi, and one thing leads to another for the couple when Abi reveals that she wants them to take there relationship to the next level.

Friday 15 Feb 2013

Bianca's week continue to deteriorate when she starts to lose control over Liam. Desperate not to end up back inside, she pulls out all the stops to put an end to all the trouble.

Meanwhile, Alice prepares a surpise for Michael, but how will he react when he discover she been interfering in his life again?

Eleswhere, Jack may live to regret messing Sharon around.

also today, Alfie finds himself at a crossroads - which way will he turn?


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