Spoliers for 18-22 Feb 2013

Monday 18 Feb 2013

Kat is intrigued when Alfie asks to see her that evening to talk, and Bianca immediately suspects that Alfie is still in love with her. However, Alfie announcement is not what Kat was expecting and she leaves reeling.

Lola is annoyed when she realises Phil has been back with Lexi for a fews day and hasn't bothered to tell her, but Phil is more concered by the news Trish delivers.

Not wanting to be a burded, Patrick makes a decison to live with Anthony, leaving Kim and Denise heartbroken, but will any of them say how they really feel?

Tuesday 19 Feb 2013

Still devastated by Alfies announcement, Kat does her best to get on with things, but when Roxy makes disparaging comments towards her, Kat cannot contain her and the two women finally comes to blows.

Phil's attitude continues to riles Lola, and frustrated, she loses her temper -but is she playing into his hands?

Carol finds support in dealing with Liam from a unlikely source and when she receives an offer to go for a drink later, she wonders if it's a date.

Thursday 21 Feb 2013

Kat wakes up and immediatly regrets her behaviour from the night before, and after some soul searching she decides to take control of her life - but can she?

Kirsty does her best to rebuild bridges between Max and his daughters and shes pleased when she makes progress. However, the smooth running of their reunion does not last long when they are interruped by a familar face...

Friday 22 Feb 2013

The atmosphere at the Branning's is extremely strained, When alone, Max tries to explain the situation to Tanya - will she resist?

Masood is stunned by the surpise return of Ayesha and it doesn't take her long to make it clear why she has returned.

Patrick struggles, knowing he is a burded, so he encourages Kim and Denise to go out. but soon finds himself in a precarious position when he tries to do things himself.


Anonymous said…
Thank you Lily for all the updates, to leave a comment seems somewhat redundant, but your efforts are appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Yes very much appreciated I look forward to your spoilers thank you
Anonymous said…
Ayesha..wooden and delivers each and every line the same way.........BORING!!
Anonymous said…
Well I'm enjoying the seduction of Masood; Ayesha's very un-demonstrative,very much unlike Zainab, but she cares about the man, and the man is finally now beginning to realize this. Good to see that, unlike every other male on the Square, Masood has been steadfastly loyal, what a refreshing change!!
Anonymous said…

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