Wadia: I wanted to be killed off

EastEnders star Nina Wadia has revealed that she asked for a grisly soap exit.

The actress, who will leave the BBC One show after five years of playing matriarch Zainab Masood, said her alter-ego will not be killed off, despite her pleas.

"I asked for her to be killed - I thought it'd be nice to have a big storyline if they got rid of her somehow in some horrific car accident or something, but they said no!" she told This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

She added: "It was a really nice compliment and I cannot thank (executive producer) Lorraine Newman enough for that. She said they just want to leave the door open in case I want to come back or they want to bring her back. I don't know, but it's all left wide open."

Nina - who previously starred in Goodness Gracious Me, Skins and Bend It Like Beckham - revealed she was "in tears" when she filmed her final scenes in December, but the time was right for her to pursue other interests.

"Why leave? Gosh, there's lots more to do with my life..." she explained.

"I've been there just over five years and I just feel like it's time for me to move on and do other things - it was all inspired by the fact that I had a very tough year last year; I lost a couple of very dear friends around my age and it just made me realise how short life is and I want to get out there and do other things."


Anonymous said…
There are so few acting jobs out there these days, reality shows are dead boring and don't last long for participating actors, pantomines, adverts, bit parts...not everyone is a Maggie Smith.
I think Nina Wadia is right to be flattered in EE wanting to keep the door opened for her, look at all the actors who left, and can never come back.

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