David Witts uncomfortable as sex symbol

EastEnders newcomer David Witts has confessed he'd rather be tagged as a 'nice guy' than a sex symbol.

The young actor plays serial womaniser Joey Branning, who in just over sixth months has charmed Lucy Beale, Whitney Dean and even his cousin Lauren Branning. David is excited to be up for a Best Newcomer gong at the National Television Awards later this month, but is still not sure how he feels about winning the title of Sexiest Male at the Inside Soap Awards last September.

David told the Radio Times: "It's a very difficult one because, obviously, there's an element of flattery. But it is quite an awkward award to receive, mainly because I think the word 'sexy' is very strange. I never use the word 'sexy'.

"Had the award been named 'Nicest Looking Male', you'd say, 'Thank you very much. That's very kind'. But there's something slightly disconcerting about the thought of people calling you 'sexy'.

"I don't know anyone who is comfortable being called 'sexy'. But the way I have to look at it is that the public has taken the time to vote, so that is quite lovely, actually."

But the soap star admitted he was "over the moon" about his NTA nomination.

He added: "Especially as only one person from each show is up for it. It's not something I was thinking about or anything like that, so it was a really nice surprise."


Anonymous said…
He doesn't look exactly comfortable in his role as 'sexy' guy; he acts kind of wooden, but his photo and his interview make him sound really nice, which is very 'sexy' too.

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