Lorna wants Abi and Jay to Marry

Lorna Fitzgerald has revealed that she would like her character Abi Branning to marry Jay Mitchell.

The 16 year-old also admitted she would like Lola Pearce to stir up more trouble for their relationship.

''I'd like to run away and get married so i can wear a pretty dress. That'd be nice,'' she told EastEnders official website ''I think they do stay together, but it would be nice again if Lola came into it, like how it was in the beginning- who will he choose? Hopefully me! But i think they're going to stay together for the long-term. I've got a lot of scenes with him coming up February time, Valentines Day,'' she teased.

Lorna also revealed she would like to inject some glamour into the teenager, who she's played since 2006. '' My least favourite thing about playing Abi is she's not really cool. I'd like to play someone really cool, who walks around in heels all the time, has her hair always done, but she doesn't get to do that, she just has to be normal,'' she said.

The actress admitted she would like her alter-ego to be more rebellious, but not to the point of her elder sister Lauren. '' I'd like her to dye her hair or do something crazy, but i can't imagine Abi drinking, she's a bit too normal, she's very under-aged ... so whipping out a bottle of vodka might be a bit awkward,'' she continued.

'' I don't really see doing it, but it might be cool. She's has grown up a lot from what she used to do, but i'd like her a little naughtier - not always good.''

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Anonymous said…
i think it's good to have a 'normal' young person; perfect for jay, btw...lauren is, well i don't know if it's her character or the acting i'm bored sick with, but abi, you stay as 'normal' as you can, you and alice provide stability and balance to the show.
lauren is flip the channel worthy.

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