Pictures: Alfie tells Kat he wants a divorce

In coming weeks, Viewers will see Alfie ask his estranged wife Kat to come and talk with him in the Vic, leaving the love torn Mrs Moon wondering about his motives. Bianca reckons that Alfie still cares for her, but Kat's hopes are dashed when Alfie heartbreakingly tells her about his plans for divorce.

Kat is devastated and tells Alfie they could still make things work, but Alfie is clear he can no longer trust her and that they have no future.

Kat and Alfie's marriage broke down at the end of 2012 when it was revealed that she'd been having an affair with Derek Branning. Since then, Alfie has taken up with pub manager Roxy, although his ties to Kat remain strong due to their joint responsibility for young Tommy Moon.

Viewers can see Alfie shock annocement in the episode set to transmit on Monday 18 February at 8:00pm on BBC ONE.

From EE 2012-2013
From EE 2012-2013


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