Romance beckons for Kat and Michael

EastEnders Kat Moon and former fling Michael Moon are set to find comfort in each others arms.

Estranged husband Alfie tells Kat to get out of The Vic during a row set to air on BBC ONE on Tuesday 19 February.

Michael takes Kat home with him and as they talk things over with a strong drink, they soon find themselves giving away to their passion.

The pair have never been a proper couple but Michael. Alfies cousin, is the biological father of Kat's son Tommy from a previous fling.

Kat and Michael are set to become an item and end up moving in together.

But they will have to face the wrath of Michael's wife Janine when she returns  to Albert Square next month.

Soap villian Janine left Michael with there daughter Scarlett after deciding they were better off without her. But she will be furious to return and find Kat living with her husband and daughter.

From EE 2012-2013
From EE 2012-2013


Anonymous said…
Good im glad!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I'm glad too. Those two deserve each other, at least they have a past and their baby together.
Please Janine, stay away as long as you like, you're one character I could never miss.

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