Spoilers for 25 Feb-1 Mar 2013

Monday 25 February 2013

When Sharon recieves an offer she can't refuse from Phil, Jack takes matters into his own hands.

Alice finds herself in deep water when she is caught with counterfeit money. Where did she get it from?

On a mission to please Alice and the rest of Max's family, Kirsty suggests throwing a party in remembrance of Derek's birthday that evening.

Tuesday 26 February 2013 

Blaming Phil for problems with his relationship with Sharon, Jack lashes out - but has he pushed Sharon to far this time?

Kirsty tries her best to gather the Branning clan to remember Derek on his birthday. However, how will Tanya react when she is made to feel like the other women?

Thursday 28 February 2013

Patrick is angry and upset when Denise arranges a carer to look after him.

Ayesha is thrown when Tamwar tells her to leave Walford unable to accept her relationship with Masood.

Friday 1 March 2013

A confused Sharon makes a life-changing decision after arguing with both Phil and Jack.

Denise can't conceal her pleasure when Ian invites her to his birthday drinks in the Vic.


Anonymous said…
IMO this show is a mess. You think they'd have come up with a better stoyline for the exit of Zainab other than Masood telling her he's not happy..again. That was done twice this year alone. Now we get to see him prowling around getting all jiggy with who...Carol? Ugh. This show is going to JTS if the producers don't wake up. The return of raspy voiced Janine isn't going to do it either. Just IMO.
Anonymous said…
For the most part, I agree.
However, I did appreciate how well Zainab's exit scene was portrayed.
Apparently the actress wanted a more explosive, and final, exit, but the producer wanted to leave the door open for her return.
I would like to see Ayesha return; would be interesting to see how genuine her feelings for Masood are, and can last.
I'm sorry, I do not like the character Janine either; could never figure out why the character has out-lasted so many others on the show.

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