Diane Parish predicts tricky romance for Ian and Denise

EastEnders star Diane Parish has warned that Denise Fox will be cautious about entering into a relationship with Ian Beale.

The friends played by Diane and Adam Woodyatt are set to share a kiss when they find themselves locked in the storeroom of the Minute Mart.

But Diane told Inside Soap magazine: "Ian will certainly have his work cut out with Denise!

"There's been an awful lot of gossip in the past about her choices with men. There was the disastrous situation with Lucas [her serial killer ex-husband]. She lost Kevin and then there was the ugliness of Owen.

"Also, she and Ian both have kids - so they're going to have to tread really carefully."

Diane added: "Denise doesn't want to be gossiped about any more!"


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