Jake Wood discusses baby bombshell

Jake Wood has been discussing the moment in next week’s episodes when Max Branning’s wife Kirsty reveals that she’s expecting his child:

“Max is deeply shocked when Kirsty blurts out that she’s pregnant and his initial reaction is one of disbelief,” says the actor. “Max can be a very good husband when he needs to be. He’s an old-fashioned man and he’ll stick up for those he loves. That’s something Kirsty’s never had in a relationship and it means a lot to her. However, a baby is not something that Max would wish for at this moment in time.”

The revelation comes after Kirsty realises that Tanya has helped Ava secure a deposit on the flat she was intending to get with Max. In a foul mood, Kirsty argues with her husband and brings up the fact that Tanya is always in their lives. Max then tells Kirsty that he will always share a special bond with Tanya as they have kids together. As the pair row further, Kirsty drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Wood says of Kirsty’s surprise: “Max is a good dad and he loves his kids, but having a baby with Kirsty is not something he wants right now. This could ruin any chance for him to get back with Tanya!”

 The scenes will air on BBC One Friday 5 April .


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