Liam Butcher stabbed by fellow gang member

Liam Butcher will find himself suffering a stab wound after his association with a teen gang sours dramatically.
In shocking scenes to be shown on Friday 29 March, Liam will be injured when he’s charged and knocked to the floor by one of Kane’s followers. As Bianca races to where her son has fallen, she realises that he has been stabbed and frantically orders Carol to call an ambulance.
The confrontation comes at the climax of a traumatic week for the teen, who finds himself under pressure to prove his allegiance to gang leader Kane and his friends. But after Bianca learns that Liam has made an attempt to steal money from McKlunky’s, she decides that the only way to keep her son safe is to report him to the police.
Eventually, the gang are taken in for questioning, but are soon back on the streets after being bailed. Liam, who suspects that he’s under suspicion by Kane for getting them arrested in the first place, runs off to attempt to fix things. But after catching up with the gang on the Byron estate, it immediately becomes clear that the menacing Kane intends to teach Liam a lesson.
Following his injury, Liam is rushed to hospital, but Bianca is heartbroken when he tells his mum that this is all her fault. At the end of her tether, can Bianca convince Liam to talk to the police and get his life back on track?



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