Lucy to betray Lauren

Lauren Branning is set to have a fall from grace in upcoming EastEnders episodes as her friend Lucy Beale sabotages her relationship with Joey.

Newly sober Lauren is taking each day as it comes following her alcohol addiction issues. She removes alcohol from her life so that she can be happy with Joey.

However, jealous friend Lucy can't stand seeing the pair happy together and embarks on a mission to sabotage their relationship by spiking Lauren's drink.

Lucy wants Joey to be hers following their brief fling and that means getting Lauren out of the picture. Lucy makes her look and act a fool when she purposefully spikes Lauren with alcohol, knowing the extent of her addiction and what it could do to her.

When Joey finds Lauren in a state, he's convinced she has gone back on the drink and dumps her, with damaging consequences for the teenager.


AMY said…
Anonymous said…
Fuck fucking Lucy! What a bitch
Anonymous said…
Ahhh,that's snideeee.
Anonymous said…
What a bitch hope she gets found out
Anonymous said…
Lol good beacuse joey and lauren shudnt be going out they r related jhzz!
Anonymous said…
I hate Lucy fucking bitch

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