Pictures: Masood and Carol kiss

EastEnders duo Masood Ahmed and Carol Jackson are set to share a kiss.

The pair played by Nitin Ganatra and Lindsey Coulson respectively have already got closer in recent weeks, but their obvious attraction for one another soon turns into something more.

Carol decides to "take the bull by the horns" after Masood loses his bottle, and asks him out for a drink, which he happily accepts.

They arrange a date at the Queen Vic, but when they arrive, they realise their date is a subject of gossip - so they decide to go somewhere quieter. After enjoying each other's company, they arrange another date before sealing the night with a kiss.

A BBC spokeswoman teased: "Is this the beginning of something special for Masood and Carol?"

The episode will transmit on BBC One on May 3.



Anonymous said…
Hope this is the start of something big they both deserve break

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