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Spoilers for 17-21 June 2013

Pictures: Gary Lucy makes splash in Walford

Pictures: Dexter attacks Sam's car

Jossa: I get offered free shots

Nitin: Wicks a threat to Masood

Spoilers for 10-14 June 2013

Richie: Womack return is exciting

Pictures: Sam tries to kiss Ava

Samantha Womack set for EastEnders return

Spoilers for 3-7 June 2013

Joyner tweets last EastEnders scene

Jamie Foreman doesn't miss The Queen Vic

Brooks to quit EastEnders again?

Kat and Alfie headed for reunion?

Pictures: Lauren gets rejected

Jasmyn Banks wants Alice-Michael romance

Spoilers for 27-31 May 2013

Best: Dexter and I make best of it

"Gruesome" exit for Michael

Pictures: Phil chucks Sharon out over pills

EastEnders gets new 'bad boy'

Pictures: Michael manipulates Alice

Venn opens up on EastEnders exit

Simons: I want Roxy in the gutter

Spoilers for 20-24 May 2013